What is Hiking | Work Free World

You may be wondering what hiking is or the difference between hiking vs walking or hiking vs trekking.

In this article we hope to explain it all in a simple straightforward way. To put it as simple as possible though Hiking is walking. Just done on a slightly larger scale.

A Hike would typically cover a greater distance and a usually taking place in the countryside or mountainous regions along trails or paths as well as sometimes going off trail, and a great way to get out amongst nature and take advantage of some of the health benefits Hiking provides.

The Hikes take place on a predetermined route planned in advance using and can last from a few hours to a full day. Due to the nature of the terrain covered hiking can be quite a strenuous and tiring activity.

Depending on where you are located in the world, local words may be used to describe hiking, for example here in Northern England, hiking can also be referred to as Fell Walking or Hill Walking.

What is Trekking?

Trekking is a hike that lasts over multiple days often setting up camp in the evenings in a mountain hut or a tent and resuming again the next day. Again the route would be predetermined with planned areas to stop and camp.

Is it Seasonal?

Depending on your location Hiking can usually be done year round however the winter months with its adverse weather conditions can make hiking more dangerous and more caution should be taken when planning and setting out for a Hike.

Combining Hiking with other sports

Hiking can also be used in combination with other outdoors sports some of which we also enjoy. Hike-a-Bike is a term referred to carrying your mountain bike over terrain you can’t ride. This can be done whilst hiking up a hill in order to enjoy riding the descent on your mountain bike, or just to get past a section of trail. Whilst rock climbers may need hike an hour or two to get to the face of the wall they want to climb.


We have provided you with an idea of what hiking is, join us for our next article where we advise how to get started.