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Top 5 Mountain Bike Trail Centres in the UK for Beginners

After reading our blog on how to start mountain biking, you now have enough confidence to take it to the trails. In this article, we highlight the best mountain bike trails in the UK suitable for beginners. Anyone of these trails centres will give you a great day out and the opportunity to safely enjoy your new sport. Ae Forest Located near Ae village in Dumfries, and some of the best mountain bike trails in Scotland, Ae forest is a lesser-known jewel in the Scottish 7 Stanes mountain bike trail centres. Whilst Glentress gets a lot of attention Ae is equally as good but a lot quieter! Go during the week and you may have the forest to yourself. Ae has both...

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How To Start Mountain Biking | Work Free World

So you may have seen a few videos on YouTube or read our previous post explaining what mountain biking is which has sparked further interest. Spending your weekends amongst forests with fellow mountain bikers, riding along trails built specifically for your enjoyment is, of course, a lot of fun…..but when trying to find out more about the sport you will come across a potential minefield of niches and sub niches to suit several different types of mountain biking. What is right for one person may not suit all, and with each niche comes a different set of mountain bike skills needed to take part. A downhill rider may not like to spend their ride traveling for miles and miles down a...

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