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What is Hiking | Work Free World

You may be wondering what hiking is or the difference between hiking vs walking or hiking vs trekking. In this article we hope to explain it all in a simple straightforward way. To put it as simple as possible though Hiking is walking. Just done on a slightly larger scale. A Hike would typically cover a greater distance and a usually taking place in the countryside or mountainous regions along trails or paths as well as sometimes going off trail, and a great way to get out amongst nature and take advantage of some of the health benefits Hiking provides. The Hikes take place on a predetermined route planned in advance using and can last from a few hours to...

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How to Start Hiking | Work Free World

How to Start Hiking Before you get carried away and start trying to understand ordinance survey maps, compasses or planning epic multi-day adventures, this beginner how to start hiking guide will start you off small and safe. The following instalment of blogs will progress the skills and knowledge you need to be confident on your adventures. Where to Hike We are going to look at building confidence and start with walks provided by the forestry commission.  This will get you outdoors and enable you to build some stamina and get the basics of hiking. There are plenty of walks across the country to keep you occupied starting from easy family-friendly walks right through to mountain hikes.  As you progress you...

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