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5 Beginner Climbing Walls in the UK | Work Free World

If you have read out previous blog posts already, we have introduced you to the different facets of climbing and also provided all the information you need to start climbing. In this post, we will give you 5 climbing walls in the UK that should take your climbing itch and turn it onto a bug, warning…You may become obsessed with your new hobby. It is worth mentioning that as well as our list here, there are many great climbing centres throughout the UK and others are definitely worth visiting. Vauxwest & Vauxeast Located in Vauxhall in London, the two bouldering walls pretty much have climbing in London covered. Where height is restricted but you don’t want to travel further afield...

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How to Start Climbing | Work Free World

If our previous article about what climbing is, sparked your interest? In this article we advise how to start climbing. As with all of the sports we love, there is risk involved and this can be dangerous. We aren’t about injury or the ‘just go for it’ attitude. You don’t want to spend weeks or months injured doing something silly that could have easily been avoided. So step one…. Mitigate the risk! Climbing Centre To mitigate the risk firstly, we are going to control the environment and make sure there are professionals at hand for tips and advice. To do this we are going to find a climbing centre or gym. Many have popped up through out the UK in...

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Introduction to Climbing | Work Free World

Whilst people outside rock climbing realise that it is a physically demanding sport they often don’t realise it is also a mental sport that requires a lot of control and problem-solving skills. The goal is quite simple, to get to an endpoint. Usually, along a predetermined route, the climb may see you going up, down or even traversing to enable you to continue along the route until you get to the end goal. The finish. This can be done at leisure or in a competition based environment. The competition environment is carried out on either timed courses (fastest wins) or alternatively route that get progressively harder (person who gets the furthest wins). Grading routes and techniques Climbing routes are graded...

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