Summary of Beginners Guide to Mountain Biking | Work Free World

For the final article in our beginners guide to mountain biking, we will summarise all the information given so far. We hope we have managed to break all of the information down into small bite-size pieces that are easy to follow.

We started off with an introduction to mountain biking and an explanation of all of the different disciplines to choose from. The great thing about mountain biking is whether you are an endurance machine, a bike skill master or just like a casual day in the outdoors then there is something for everyone. From long fitness trails to technical mtb trails, just choose what fits you best and dip your foot in, its tons of fun.

Next, we looked at how to start mountain biking, we chose trail riding as it is by far the most popular and less specialised area of mountain biking. In this article, we talked about how to ensure you have fun and stay safe on your first bike ride. Which trail centres, types of trails available to ride and how to ride within your skill level. Trail etiquette and equipment hire and finally what clothes will be most comfortable to wear for your first ride.

Then we gave our choice of top trail centres in the UK for beginners. If it’s a family day in the outdoors or just out with a few mates, these mtb trails won't disappoint. It’s worth noting that this list isn’t limited and there are plenty of fun places to ride in the UK and we advise you how to find them.

Next was pre-ride checks and what equipment you may need during your ride. Accidents happen bikes break but with a few pre-ride checks and the right equipment you can go from being stranded miles from the car to a quick on trail fix to enable you to get back with only minor inconvenience

Then finally post ride checks and maintenance. You want your bike ready to go at all times and you don’t want to come across a problem out on the trail that could have been easily resolved before you even made the effort to go riding. So with these post-ride checks and maintenance means you will get maximum fun and suffer from less mechanical issues on your ride.

If this series of blog posts have inspired you we would love to hear which part you found most beneficial and if you have learned something that you didn’t already know?